Modeling Headshots

I recently received a call from a beautiful young woman, Catrina Wiseman, from TN who was in town and needed some professional modeling head shots taken.  Of course I was so excited to have her come in to the studio so I called up Jennie Jackson who did the hair/makeup and we booked a session for her right away.  She walked in with this beautiful curly hair so I knew we had to start with that look.  She brought some great outfits and was she so excited for the experience.  She was pampered in hair and makeup and had the chance to have fake eyelashes for the first time!  She looked fabulous after she was done and she was ready to move around for her session.  She did a great job and we were able to get a ton of different looks.  So excited how they turned out, I wish her all the luck in TN!  Check out some more shots of her on my FB!



KAIA FIT and Tara Szen

I contacted Tara a few months ago to team up with her in helping women look and feel beautiful.  I found Tara through Kaia Fit’s website and was drawn in when I read their mission statement: “Kaia F.I.T.’s Mission is to “Create strong bodies and powerful minds; working together to get fit, feel great, and know that we Kan accomplish anything”. Our Goal is to “Inspire women to reach beyond what they thought possible”.”  It was so great to see a company working solely to help women feel their best inside and out and to encourage them to accomplish anything that is put in front of them.  I was able to take a group class with Tara’s instruction and had so much fun, it was also great to see the women in the class encourage one another and have a team like mentality.  It was a tough class but I walked out with a feeling of accomplishment and pride.  You must be wondering what is Kaia FIT?  Well here is an excerpt from their website on how they are different from any other class: “Kaia F.I.T. is unique in that we develop year-round programs that are easy to follow and produce amazing results. Our programs are designed to recognize and respect the importance of simple exercise and movement, and to teach healthy habits that last a lifetime.  Kaia F.I.T. is a muscle confusion, core strengthening program with a focus on functional training that is safe, fun, and effective and that produces amazing and real results!”  After experiencing one class I was sure I wanted to be apart of this great company.  You absolutely have to check out their programs and sign up for a class, you’ll be blown away!  Check them out on their website:

Tara and I decided to do a session with her trainers and about a few weeks later we were on location having a blast taking some great shots.  All of the trainers are so amazing and have such a passion for what they do.  We had some great laughs and got some awesome shots of them in action.  The session went so well that I had to have Tara come in for her own personal session.  We started in the studio with my “glam squad” hair by Danica Forest and makeup done by Monica Garcia.  Then we took some beautiful glamour and lifestyle shots of her and then we were off to the beach to meet up with one of her best childhood friends, Jess.  Both of them are so beautiful, it wasn’t hard to get great shots of them.  I also got some really fun, playful shots of them that I just love!









“Missing You”

I met this beautiful woman through some friends of mine and her husband is in the Military and he just deployed to Afghanistan recently for about 7-8 months.  It is so difficult to go from seeing your loved ones face everyday to absolutely nothing or just reading their words in an email.  So when this lovely lady came to me I was so excited for her session.  She wanted to do something special and something unlike anything she had done before.  She wanted to send to her husband some beautiful photos of her to give him something to look at everyday to remind him of her.  Although she was a little nervous she decided to do a boudoir/glamour session.  She booked a hotel room downtown, we brainstormed some ideas for her session, put her outfits together and before we knew it we met in the hotel lobby the day of her shoot!  My go to makeup gal, Monica Garcia did an amazing job glamming her up and stuck around the entire shoot creating new looks for her.  I also had the pleasure of having Kira Pinski there to do a fabulous job on her hair and changed up her looks throughout the entire session!  Everyone had such a great time at the shoot creating different looks.  I know this beautiful gal had an amazing time as well, after the shoot she was so happy she decided to do the shoot and now can’t wait to send her husband the images.




Noelani’s Makeup Artistry by Verna

When Verna and I first met we sat for hours at a coffee shop talking about our business goals and our dreams of helping women feel gorgeous inside and out.  She has a passion for using her artistic ability to make women feel as beautiful as they are.  She uses an airbrush technique to apply the makeup that leaves perfect coverage and loves to collaborate with her clients to get the exact look they want.  Before getting into makeup, she was a model herself so she understands how to be camera ready and will make you look fabulous!  She has such and amazing personality and can light up the room with her smile.   Verna works with her daughter, Adriana, who creates beautiful hairstyles.  She is just about to graduate from high school and will be off to Paul Mitchell Beauty School in the fall.  These two work so well together and are so much fun to be around.  It is so much fun to see them work together, they both worked on one of my clients recently at the same time and I had to snap some photos of them.  You can also check out some of their work or book their services on Verna’s website, Noelani’s Makeup Artistry by Verna.  When I had the chance to take their photos, I couldn’t hardly wait!  I had Shantal Rivas come and do both of their hair and makeup and she did a great job.  We were able to celebrate their beauty and had so much fun doing it.  They were both naturals in front of the camera, posing perfectly and working the camera with every angle.






Palm Springs Vacation

You know when you need to get away but don’t want to go far?  My fiance, Brian has been working so hard at his job and this break came just at the right time.  We were so blessed to go to Palm Springs recently to meet up with his Dad and Step-mom at their amazing time share.  We stayed in a beautiful suite, soaked up the rays at the pool, ate some yummy food, played tennis, and spent an amazing 4 days with Brian’s family and family friends.  I’m so lucky and excited to be apart of this great family!  On our last day, we decided to take the Palm Springs Ariel Tramway up to the top of Chino Canyon.  Being a little afraid of heights, the ride up was a little scary but when we got up there, the view was breathtaking and so very worth the ride.  I was able to snap some shots at the top on our mini hike and so happy I was able to get at least one shot of us all together.  If you ever have the chance to go to Palm Springs – you have to take the tramway up, bring a picnic and enjoy the view!



I was recently introduced to and joined Thumbtack, a service that helps the public find and book trustworthy local services.  This site is so cool, you can find anything from health and beauty to home and event services in your local area.  They verify professional licenses, backgrounds, business addresses and more.  They also follow up with you to get feedback on your experience.  You can check out my page at: Beautiful Portrait Photography So excited to be apart of the site!

RAW Artist San Diego

I recently submitted my work to RAW:natural born artists to be a featured artist in their upcoming San Diego event and was selected!  This event will be so much fun, there will be live music, a fashion show, art, networking and of course some delicious drinks.  Here is some information on RAW:natural born artists:

“RAW:natural born artists is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists. We’re a community made up of creative individuals across the nation.  Our mission is to provide independent artists within the first 10 years of their career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity.  We welcome all genres of art including independent film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art, hairstylists, makeup artists and more.  We encourage the creative success of the many visionaries and storytellers of our generation.  RAW currently operates in 54 cities across the United States & Australia and counting”

Please come on June 20th to support me and all the other artists.  To buy tickets (only $15 online!!): follow this link: then select buy tickets, click on the drop down menu and select Anna Marie Impullitti Photography, and then fill in your info! I need you guys to buy the tickets online and remember to select my name so I can receive credit. Thank you to everyone and so excited to see you all on June 20th!